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Andre Sander

In early years Andre Sander had the opportunity to visit Marino Marini’s studio in Florence.
This brought about Sanders growing desire to become an artist himself.
After his first sculptural experiments and studies, he turned to painting and in the following decades came to statements that combine the painterly and the sculptural.

Early on, during his training, he found “being on the move” his real “home”.
He succeeded in expanding this cosmopolitanism through international trips to this day.
Today he continues to work in different countries, has modest studios and works “plein air”  in European landscapes, but also lives withdrawn, at times in Asia.
He enjoys visiting museums in big cities and keeps a tap on art events.
As an artist he never endures long in one location.

He never feels alone with his work. His recreation is to walk in lonely landscapes.
Through connections to some international art dealers, he can live a life in freedom and anonymity.