Falkenstern Fine Art

Atelier Sprotte 1950 
Opening of Studio / Atelier Siegward Sprotte in Kampen. 
1951 start of "studio discussions" with Gustav Mensching, Pascual Jordan,
including publication "Birth of Color - travel diary of a painter".
1953/54 Drawings "heads of the Present": Hermann Hesse, Eugen Herrigel,
Jean Gebser, Ortega y Gasset, Karl Jaspers and others.
Falkenstern Fine Art 1986 
Gallery opening of Falkenstern Fine Art, 584-588 Broadway, Soho, New York.
Opened by Armin Sprotte, with contemporary art from Europe, China and the USA.
The eighties were a special time in New York, which were still influenced
by Ilena Sonnabend and Leo Castelli. 
The Gallery programme was centred around the work and later the estate of
Siegward Sprotte in cooperation with the Sprotte Foundation, Potsdam. 
The reputation of Falkenstern Fine Art was consolidated through exhibitions with museums
such as the Pushkin Museum 1989, Gulbenkian Museum 1993, Shanghai Art Museum in 1996,
The Castle Kappenberg 2003, Wuhan Art Museum 2011, The County Museum of Schleswig Holstein
and the Potsdam Museum 2013. 
At the same time, several collaborations with various galleries developed.
2006 Remodeling Atelier Sprotte, Kampen as well as the name change from
Atelier Sprotte to Falkenstern Fine Art & Atelier Sprotte, laid the foundation
for the 21st century gallery based in Kampen. 
FFA began to expand with special exhibitions: "West - East dialogues 2012"
with Volkmar Haase, Jörg Plickat, Siegward Sprotte, Pang Yongjie, Fan Feng,
Liu Yonggang, "from Jawlensky to Nolde to Richter" in 2014,
"The Survey of Space" with Jörg Plickat," Current excursions in color and form",
China, Spain, France, USA, Germany, 2015. 
2016 "Art Matters" Paintings and Sculptures
2017 Siegward Sprotte in Context with Classical Modernism: Gabriele Münter, 
Erich Heckel, Heinz Mack, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Christian Rohlfs, Fritz Winter, 
Piero Dorazio as well as Gallery Artists.
FFA and Atelier Sprotte assists collectors and art lovers in purchasing decisions
for individual works or collections. 
Art transport and professional framing can be individually arranged.
We are happy to advise and assist clients in their own homes. 
"Art is not a substitute, it is a vital necessity." Siegward Sprotte