Liu Yonggang

Born in 1964 in Genhe City, Inner Mongolia, China. 1986 BA, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing. 1997 MA, Nuremberg College of Fine Arts, Germany. 2012 Visiting Professor, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou. Works and lives in Beijing, Hangzhou, Huizhou, Berlin. Teaching assigment at Mongolia Normal University. Numerous participations in significant exhibitions at home and abroad. Collected by governments, institutions, art galleries and private persons around the world. 1999 Start of sculptures series "Standing Characters" – modeling of oracles, inscriptions and Phags-pa script for serial bronze objects which was completed after ten years with 102 objects. His work shows the internal relations between his own art, the Chinese humanistic traditions and classical art. He discovers the classical humanistic dignity represented by traditional Chinese cultures and shows the glorious civilization and future ideal of a very multi-ethnic country with alternative means of expression consisting of different characters such as Chinese and Mongolian.

As an artwork, the Shepherd Girl of North Sala symbolizes an awakening of the art, an expression of feelings, a change of mindset, an reversion of humanity and a refelection of inner - self without any conditions attached. It is simple in form but rich in substance - the simple symbols exploring the essence of law of art, a art orientation which has been neglected for long.
Fine Art Historian, Art Critic, Xu Encun

Recipient of the Silver Award "Liu Kaiqu" 2017
Recipient of the NordArt Prize 2015

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curriculum vitae »

1982—1986 Studied in oil painting department in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, winning the bachelor's degree
1986—1990 Taught in the Art Department in the Inner Mongolia Normal University
1992—1997 Studied in the Art Department of Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts, with a master's degree
1999—2009 Created serial sculptures Standing Characters.
2010—2012 Created the painting, Line and Phenomenon
2012—2013 Edited the lesson plans of “Appreciate things—‘Line and Phenomenon’ sculptures’ creation” with Long Xiang, the professor of The China Academy of Art
2014  Created new ink paintings and sculptures of Line and Phenomenon of Chinese Zodiac
today lives and works in Beijing, Huizhou, Hangzhou or Berlin

Representative Works

Oil painting the Shepherdess in Northern Sala won the Excellence award on the First Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition.
Oil painting the White Moon in Northern Sala won bronze award in the Seventh National Fine Arts Exhibition
Oil painting the Cross won the first prize of Dana in the Nuremberg Fine Arts Institute of Germany,
Serial sculptures Standing Characters—Embrace of Love and Standing Life
Sculpture Sea Viewing, Hang From the Heaven.
Sculpture Twins won the prize of excellent works of "Liu Kaiqu"
Serial paintings Qianyuan.
Serial sculptures Kunyuan
Serial ink painting Taihe
Serial oil painting Line and Phenomenon
Special creation Radiant Warrior
Ink painting Zodiac
"Gui" (return) won the silver award of "Liu Kaiqu" 2017

One man shows (selected)

2014 Earth Zodiac, Colorful Huizhou—Liu Yonggang's Line and Phenomenon of Zodiac Works Exhibition, Huizhou Museum
2014 Wild Warmth—Liu Yonggang's Expressionism, Beijing Jindu Art Center
2013 Vibration—Liu Yonggang's Works Exhibition, Beijing Four Seasons Hotel
2012 Uphold Standing—Liu Yonggang's Works Exhibition, Hangzhou Zhejiang Art Museum
2012 Line and Phenomenon —Liu Yonggang’s Paintings Exhibition, Beijing Today Art Museum
2010 Kunyuan—Liu Yonggang Art Exhibition, Beijing 798 Taihe Art Space
2010 Qianyuan—Liu Yonggang Abstract Art Exhibition, Beijing Times Art Museum
2009 Qianyuan—Liu Yonggang Personal Oil Painting Exhibition, Shanghai Art Museum
2009 Twelve meters high sculpture Hang From the Heaven settled in Jiefang Dong Lu in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Zhongfang Building
2009 Serial sculptures Standing Characters——Embrace of Love 100 pieces settled into Ordos city, participated in Asian Art Festival. Ordos city
2008 Standing —Liu Yonggang Sculpture Public Space Exhibition, Chaoyang Park, Beijing
2008 Standing —Liu Yonggang Sculpture Exhibition,China Millennium Monument Square,Beijing
2008 The Way to Stand Out—Liu Yonggang Exhibition, Beijing, 798 Sculpture Institute Salon
2008 Liu Yonggang Exhibition, American PREVIEWS Gallery
2007 Standing Characters——Liu Yonggang Sculpture Painting Exhibition, Beijing, National Art Museum of China
2007 Walking Characters——Liu Yonggang Sculpture Painting Exhibition Berlin, Germany Gendarmenmarkt Gallery
2006 Embrace of Love——Liu Yonggang Sculpture Painting Exhibition Germany Berlin, Deutsche Bank
1999—2005  Create and make large series sculpture Standing Characters——Embrace of Love  Berlin, Germany, China XinLezhengmao
1997 The Cross series won gold medal of Nuremberg Institute of Fine Arts in Germany, Nuremberg Institute of Fine Arts, Germany
1996 Tibet and Qinghai ——Liu Yonggang Painting Exhibition  Queensborough Museum, Germany
1995 Liu Yonggang Exhibition, Hof Gallery, Germany
1990 Liu Yonggang Painting Exhibition, Trier Art Gallery, Germany


2015 Falkenstern Fine Art & Atelier Sprotte "Gegenwärtige Streifzüge in Farbe und Form"
2015 Galerie Rother Winter "Juan Martínez und Yonggang Liu"
2014 Held the exhibition of the teacher and students of Liu Yonggang’s Sculpture Art Language High Research Class of Academy of Art & Design , Tsinghua University
        Beijing 99 Art Gallery;
        Da Xiang Art Space                                                    
2014 Participated in Promise 2014•Invitation Exhibition of China Famous Contemporary Artist  Beijing Haoli Art Center
2014 Participated in "Writing and silent" Art Exhibition, Shanghai Ming Yuan Art Center
2014 Participated in Nord Art, Germany - Hamburg, Germany                           
2014 Participated in “Vibration Plan • Switzerland 2014” “The invisible shape-China Contemporary Art Exhibition” Saint Urban Museum of Contemporary Art, Luzern, Switzerland
2013 Participated in "The first China Device Art Biennale " Beijing Contemporary Art Gallery; Tianjin Art Gallery
2013 Participated in “The invisible shape-China Contemporary Art Exhibition”  Hubei Art Museum
2013 The art work “ Double Rising” participated in The Eleventh International Sculpture Exhibition in Australia, Brisbane Gold Coast, Australia
2013 The sculpture “Standing word-Joy Buddha” (6 meters’ high) settled in Dallas Asian Art Museum, USA  
2012 Participated in Chinese Centennial Sculpture Exhibition  Beijing National Museum of China
2012 Participated in the Summit International Collection——the first exhibition by the artists from many countries Beautiful Horizon, Summit Art Center
2012 Participated in 2012 Dialogue between East and West Sanssouci Palace Park in Falkenstern Fine Art & Atelier Sprotte Potsdam, Germany
2012 Participated in Vibrating Hamburg together——Chinese Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition Hamburg, Großen Bleichen Street, Germany
2012 Participated in Sino—German Culture Art Exhibition, Carlshütte Arts Center of Rendsburg Buedelsdorf, Germany
2011 Participated in sculpture the Seven Minds in Enlightenment: the First Datong International Sculpture Biennale, and seven of which were collected. Datong Heyang Art Gallery
2011, Participated in The Second Chinese Character Art Festival Contemporary Art Exhibition on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, Taipei Culture Exhibition Center
2011 Sculpture “Symbiosis” hand in hand participated in China•Wuhu The first "Liu Kaiqu Award" International Sculpture Exhibition, and was collected. Wuhu New Town Park
2011 Sculpture Harmony, Standing Characters ——Embrace of Love in China's stance •the Second Chinese Carving Exhibition, Wenzhou Wanhe
2010 Sculpture Nine State participated in Beijing Art Exhibition, Beijing China Agriculture Exhibition Hall
2010 Participated in Shanghai Expo Sculpture Exhibition, Shanghai World Expo
2010 Participated in Remodeling—Chinese Contemporary Artist Group Exhibition Germany Berlin Gendarmenmarkt Gallery
2009 Participated in People's Republic of China the 60th Anniversary Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Grand Theater, Beijing
2009 Participated in Contemporary Sculpture and Installation Art Exhibition, Beijing Apple Community 22 Court and Street Open Exhibition
2009 Participated in Steadiness & Gravity Exhibition in Crossing Art Gallery, New York, America
2009 Participated in Olympic Construction Festival Exhibition, The Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
2009 Participated in Family Tradition Is National Customs Private Bank Art of China Merchants Bank Art Exhibition, Shenzhen Wanke Club
2009 Participated in Meditation from the East— Chinese Contemporary Artists Exhibition Germany Freuden Art Centre                                         
2009 Participated in Abnormal Condition Exhibition, Beijing Wall Gallery
2008 Participated in The Fourth Songzhuang Art Festival- Rising Cacophony Public Sculpture Exhibition
2008 Participated in The Sound of Metal—the first China Sculpture Institute Academic Exhibition, 798 Creative Square of Beijing
2008 Participated in International Sculpture Art Open Exhibition Venice, Italy
2008 Participated in The third Hangzhou International Sculpture Living Quality Exhibition, Qianjiang New CBD
2008 Participated in The Chinese Gesture—the First China Sculpture Exhibition, Xiamen Garden EXPO
2008 Participated in Chinese Landscape Architecture Alive Sino—German Culture Exchange Exhibition, Dresdner Gallery, Germany
2008 Participated in The Chinese Art Literature Exhibition in 2007, Wall Art Gallery, Beijing
2008 Participated in Chinese Abstract Art Exhibition Macao Art Museum
2005 Participated in Along the River: 1976-2005 Oil Painting Retrospect Exhibition in National Art Museum of China, Beijing
                              China Art Gallery Beijing
1992 Participated in Modern Oil Painting Exhibition, Hong Kong Museum
1989 Participated in Chinese Modern Art Exhibition, China Art Gallery
1988 Participated in The National Fine Art Exhibition won bronze award  Nanjing Museum
1988 Participated in Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition won the New Works by New Artists
                             Chinese Artists Association; Japan Tokyo Gallery
1987 Participated in The First Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition won the prizes. Shanghai International Exhibition Centre
1986 Participated in Four Artists Painting Exhibition, The Cultural Palace of the Nationalities
In 1985 Participated in Exhibition with Bangladesh artist, Jianguo Hotel Beijing
1985 Ela Mountain in June participated in Annual Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts.
                                Exhibition Hall of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
1984 The Memory of the Rock participated in Annual Exhibition of Central Academy of Fine Arts.
                                    Exhibition Hall of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing

Main Collection

Collected by National Art Museum of China
Today Art Museum
Zhejiang Art Museum
Central Academy of Fine Arts
Chinese Artists Association
Hongkong Oriental Art Fundation
Hongkong Hanart T Z Gallery
Federal Bank of Germany
Germany Berlin Gendarmenmarkt Gallery
Japan Naoshima Art Gallery
Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games(BOCOG)
Beijing Planning Exhibition Hall
Ordos city government
Hangzhou municipal government
Shenzhen Nanshan District
Wuhu municipal government
Datong municipal government
Foshan municipal government
Brisbane Australia
Dallas Museum of Asian Art and private collectors.

Ai Yong (Series Four) (2006)

Mexican jade

Listen with open ears (2009)

Steel ti

Red AiYong (2008)

Steel and Paint

Liu Yonggang in his Studio ()


Liu Yonggang ()

Installation, Beijing

Ai Yong (Series three) (2007)

Mexican jade

Standing Characters (2007)

Mexican jade

Ai Yong (Series Four) (2008)

Ink on paper on canvas

Critical (2009)

white Marble

Ai Yong (Series Ten) (2008)

Ink on paper on canvas